#Working[Mom/Dad]Moment- Friday March 27th

Today we are keeping things extra simple...

Materials: YouTube, pencil, paper, coloring pencils or crayons & scissors

Main Learning Outcome: Developing fine motor skills and early literacy

(1) First using this link (unless you own the book) cuddle up with your little co-worker for a read aloud of Mo William's book "Pigs Make Me Sneeze". Here is a link:

(2) Now it is time to learn to draw "Piggy" with Mo William. Here is the link:

When we tested this on our own little co-workers, they loved it so much that they also wanted to draw "Gerald" afterwards. If your little one wishes to do the same, here is the link:

(3) Now they can color their characters and cut them out. Our little co-workers then continued to use the cut outs as action figures and they reenacted the story! Ahhhh Chewwwww!

Tips: Make sure to let your co-workers draw without your help (even if it doesn't look all that much like Piggy ;). Let them cut also. These activities are important in developing their fine motor s