#Working[Mom/Dad]Moment- Wed April 1st

Today we thought that we’d add a little colour to our day….

Materials: YouTube, 6 small jars (or clear containers, or glass cups), paper towel, food colouring (red, blue and yellow) and water.

Main Learning Outcomes: Understanding science concepts and early literacy.

(1) First using this link (unless you own the book) get together with your child for a read aloud of Eric Carle’s book " The Mixed-Up Chameleon". Here is a link:

(2) Now we are going to try a little science experiment! Fill 3 of the jars about ¾ full of water. Then add a few drops of food colouring to each of them (one yellow, one red and the other blue). Place the jars in a circle touching each other, with each coloured jar separated by an empty jar. Then fold up 6 paper towels into long strips (about an inch or 2 wide). Place one end of the paper towel into a jar with water, and the other end into the empty jar next to it. Do this with 6 pieces of paper towel until all 6 jars are link together with the paper towel. Now watch what happens!